About The University

About Raparin University:
The University of Raparin is consisted into Campus Rania Campus, and Qaladiza Campus. In which Ranya is Main campus. Ranya is located in the northeast of Sulaimani which is about 130 Km far from the city Sulaimani, it has a very nice nature, the area is surrounded by beautiful plains, high mountains, rivers and lakes such as Dokan Lake, Asos mountain in the east, Kewarash mountain in the north and Hajila,Makok mountains in the southwest .Ranay has four seasons weather affected by the Mediterranean sea, which is hot in summer, cold and rainy in the winter .
Between plain is basically located in this area it has an extension extends from east to the west, it’s one of the most fertile and widest plains in Iraq. The small river passes through the Between plain which has divided the area into two parts, the east part is called Pishdar and the west part is called Betwen. People’s life in this area mostly depends on farming, trade, industry and taking care of cattle.

Ranya city has developed in all the fields such as, cultural, architecture, social issues, Medicine and economy. The government has implemented various projects to serve the city concerning educational progress by establishing modern schools, teacher’s institute, computer institute and sports institute.
Qalidaza Campus is located in the Qaladiza district. It is belonged to Raparin’s self-administered zone and was formerly affiliated to the governorate of Sulaimani, the city is located in the northeast of Iraq between Ranya town and Dokan,the city is surrounded by a range of mountains, in the west kewarash, in the south Asos, in the east Blfat, Chwas, Mamanda, in the north Qndil . 

Qaladiza has an area of 4000km2. According to the geographical classification the city is located in the mountainous area. 

Mission of Raparin University
The core mission of the University is to provide the highest quality of curriculum and teaching in a practical way and freedom of expression, in addition of providing suitable environment that students are mainly targeted to be the center of academic excellence we aim to, the University of Raparin tries to meet higher educational standards, making researches and creative lecturers and researcher that students and university staff need. We prepare students to be a responsible citizen and productive at the same time to serve the country.

Vision of Raparin University
Our vision is to have an active role in developing human capacities including, teaching, higher education, leadership, legitimate and enriching medical awareness in the Kurdistan region, that’s mainly done by directing and scientific enrolment in addition of enhancing educational and researching standards in different specialties.