The Structure of Raparin University
The University of Raparin was established in 2010 and has developed noticeably. In 2010 Raparin University was restructured to faculty system to enhance the interactions between similar academic fields. Currently, the University has four faculties, and 18 departments in various fields with one School, as listed below;

Faculty of Humanities:
The faculty of Humanities at University is an excellent place to acquire human sciences. It tries to be pioneer among other human science fields in Kurdistan region by providing original researches in different fields of humanities. It composed of four departments: Department of Law, Department of History, Department of Philosophy, and Department of Geography.

Faculties of Basic Education:

The faculty of education is committed to promoting the education sector in the country via providing qualified teachers to teach the pupil in the primary Schools and kindergarten. It focuses on excellence in teaching and learning process. It consists of the six departments: Department of Mathematic, Department of Arabic, and Department of Kurdish, Department of Computer, and Kindergarten Departments and Department of General Science.

Faculties of Basic Education:

The faculty offers the Bachelors of Education to its graduates who successfully fulfill the requirements of the department in four academic years. The academic program of the departments focuses on both linguistics and literary subjects. Additionally, the faculty is continuously updated with the new teaching methods and uses advanced and Cutting edge technology to enhance the students’ academic knowledge and the quality of education. It composed of three departments: Department of English, Department of Arabic, and Department of Kurdish.
Faculty of Science: 
The faculty of Science at University of Raparin is to provide students with high quality education and prepare graduates to become experts in field of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students who graduate from those departments will be provided with bachelor degree. It is focusing on the development of qualified experts in the scientific filed to be serving the country. 

School of Nursing: 
The School of Nursing is trying to contribution in the development and upgrading of health services in Kurdistan region / Iraq by providing and delivering excellent nursing education and research in the field of nursing and health science. It is committed to promote and maintain the highest level of education through continuous improvement in education, research quality, and community services in the fields of nursing, and health sciences. 

Department of Civil Engineering 
The civil engineering program prepares a culturally diverse student population for successful professional careers in civil engineering at the local, regional and global levels. 
The program is designed to ensure excellence in multiple technical areas within the broad field of civil engineering, while emphasizing the role of general education, ethical and social responsibility, and life-long learning in the personal and professional growth of future civil engineers. 

Department of Animal Resources (Agricultural Department) 
The Department of animal resources offers undergraduate program. It conducts excellent basicand applied research that brings benefit to the society. It focuses on the production and management of animals and animal husbandry.

Rapran University